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April 2013 Feature Story


Shaw Industries Group Inc., headquartered in Dalton, Ga., has been selected for the popular television show Home & Garden Television’s (HGTV) green home collection for the last several years.
Shaw Industries Scoffs At Scuffs

By Michelle Keller

Dalton, Ga.— Shaw Industries Group Inc., based here, manufactures a multitude of products, from Hardwood flooring to carpet, the company has flooring ‘covered.’

Established in 1946, the operation was acquired in 2001 by Berkshire Hathaway Inc., a holding company of renowned investor Warren Buffett. A full-service flooring company with more than $4 billion in annual sales and an estimated 25,000 employees, Shaw is among the largest producers of Hardwood floors in the USA. Shaw utilizes Red and White Oak, Hickory, Cherry and Maple among other species.

“We have a comprehensive, and really, one of the industry’s largest collections of Hardwood flooring as a whole,” Shaw’s Hardwood Category Manager Kevin Thompson explained. “Our collections range from traditional smooth to high end, hand crafted Hardwood flooring products.”

The company’s flooring collections range from traditional smooth to high end, hand crafted lines.
Dedicated to protecting the environment and its resources, all the wood used to create Shaw’s Hardwood flooring products is obtained from suppliers who are also committed to being good stewards of the environment through sound forestry practices.

EnviroCore® – the inner core of the company’s Epic Hardwood flooring is composed of valuable wood fiber that’s created in the manufacture of other products, especially sawmill by-products that would otherwise be burned or put into landfills. This puts essential natural materials to good use, instead of having them enter the planet’s waste stream.

“All of our products, from the entry-level to the top end, utilize our proprietary finish ScufResist™ Platinum,” Thompson continued. “We have a demonstration video on You Tube that demonstrates the superiority of ScufResist Platinum. On average the product resists more than 60 percent of the scuffing that comes with most pre-finished floors. We have a tremendous advantage with superior performance characteristics that do not degrade the clarity or the visual richness of the product.”

According to the company website, the advantages of the ScufResist Platinum flooring include:

ScufResist Platinum is Shaw's extremely wear resistant UV cured polyurethane finish with aluminum Oxide designed to help resist household scuffing on Hardwood floors.

With ScufResist Platinum finish, you can live your life without worries. This finish is unequaled. And the test results show it. So when you add ScufResist Platinum to Shaw’s products, you have truly amazing floors.”

Shaw recently added more width sizes and three new colors to its ‘Pebble Hill Hickory’ line, shown here.
Shaw has been partnered with HGTV for many years. “All of our categories are well represented and the partnership with HGTV has been a wonderful opportunity for us to share our products with HGTV customers who are often DIY’s or people who could be shopping around to make updates to their homes,” Marketing Specialist Christina Honkonen added.

From 2001 to 2006, Shaw’s Hardwood flooring products were outsourced, but that all changed when the company opened their own flooring manufacturing facility in Tennessee in 2006. From there the Hardwood flooring division of Shaw continued to grow. “We acquired Anderson Hardwood Flooring in South Carolina in 2007 and in 2008 we acquired another solid Hardwood flooring manufacturer in North Carolina. By 2010 we had also acquired a solid Hardwood flooring manufacturer in Virginia.” With all manufacturing facilities now located in the United States, Thompson noted the firm’s tag line, “Products made right, right here.”

Thompson also indicated that the company is involved in an on-going process of investing in leading edge technology to provide their customers with the latest and greatest. “One of the advantages for us in the current economic downturn is that when the industry took the hit that it did, we didn’t have a dominant market share. What has truly been a testament to the quality of our products is that even during the worst economic downturn of our generation, which certainly Hardwoods have been impacted if not worse than any other product, just as bad, is the fact that Shaw has been able to come in and take market share and show significant growth during the downturn. That speaks for our customer relationships and the fact that Shaw is involved in a product that is of impeccable quality and service.”

Hand scraped, grooved and chattered the Acadian Heights flooring line is also hand rubbed before it goes through the multi-staining process.
Forest Stewardship Council certified, the company received Floor Covering Weekly’s number one industry ranking in their 2009 and 2010 ReCo Report. Shaw Industries Inc. is a member of National Wood Flooring Association and the Hardwood Plywood and Veneer Association. For more information visit

Shaw is committed to sustainability and knowing where the Hardwood used in their flooring originates. In line with The Lacey Act, they take steps to ensure the wood is legally delivered and sourced.


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