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North American Hardwood Trade Publications

National Hardwood Magazine

National Hardwood MagazineBuyers read National Hardwood Magazine to keep up with the latest developments in the Hardwood Industry...both on the supplier side and in the marketplace. You know what’s happening through news and articles about sawmills, plant expansions, start-ups, buyer profiles, and market trends in the major Hardwood purchasing areas. Special plant tour features give you Hardwood purchasing needs and production methods. You will have exclusive reports on all the major Hardwood association activities and meetings...both national and regional, plus special presentations on problems and new technology being developed and utilized in the Hardwood Industry. Published monthly with a circulation of 5,000 and is sent to buyers using #2 Common & Btr. purchasing 100,000 bd. ft. annually.

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Hardwood Purchasing Handbook

Hardwood Purchasing HandbookThis directory gives BUYERS up-to-date sections describing Hardwood sawmills, wholesalers, distribution/concentration yards, etc. Complete e-mail addresses, websites, mailing addresses, phone and fax numbers, names of sales contacts, main Hardwood species handled, specialty items listed and information on production facilities and shipping methods are given. It’s a buyer’s dream! Published annually with a circulation of 4,000 it is sent to buyers using 100,000 bd. ft. annually.

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Dimension & Wood Components Buyer's Guide

Dimension & Wood Components Buyer's GuideYou'll discover this is The best first place to look for anything you need in dimension and wood components. You'll find hundreds of new sources not available elsewhere. You'll have instant access to manufacturers of furniture parts, mouldings, cabinet doors, stair parts, flooring, turnings, paneling, door parts, window parts, edge glued panels, etc. This valuable purchasing guide tells you who to contact, firm name and address, telephone number, fax number, number of employees, products manufactured, species of wood used, machining capabilities and marketing areas served. Special sections include a convenient telephone directory, fax directory and easy to use product cross index.

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Hardwood Marketing Directory

Hardwood Marketing Directory This valuable directory lists thousands of woodworking plants such as: kitchen cabinets, furniture, flooring, millwork, secondary mfrs., distribution/concentration yards buying 100,000 bd. ft. annually of Hardwood lumber and other Hardwood forest products. It gives complete, documented facts on species, grades, thicknesses and quantities purchased by each plant annually in the U.S. and Canada. Complete mailing addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, websites, e-mail addresses and individual purchasing agents’ names are listed. Green Book’s Hardwood Marketing Directory is also available ONLINE and is available to everyone on your sales team! You can register Online at

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International Wood Trade Publications

Import / Export Wood Purchasing News

Import Export Wood Purcahsing NewsThis tabloid is published bi-monthly with a circulation of 12,000 per issue and rotated to a master circulation list of 50,000. This newspaper is sent to BUYERS worldwide such as: kitchen cabinet, furniture, flooring, millwork, secondary mfrs., importers/distribution yards, traders, agents, etc. You’ll discover it’s easy to keep up with “what’s happening” in the import/export international forest products industry by reading this tabloid newspaper. You’ll read features about overseas buyers, U.S. factories buying imported forest products and North American exporters. The Wood Purchasing News carries forest products business trends on the domestic and international markets. You’ll have current import and export forest products stock listings offering a wide variety of forest products for sale, technical articles on importing and exporting of forest products from different countries, the latest news on personnel and firms in international wood trade, plus exclusive reports on the major import and export forest product association activities, conventions and exhibits. This is the only newspaper available editorially serving your interests in importing or exporting. This paper is distributed to buyers and suppliers of forest products throughout North America, Central and South America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Pacific Rim and the Middle East.

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Forest Products Export Directory

Forest Products Export DirectoryThis comprehensive directory has a circulation of 10,000 and distributed WORLDWIDE to BUYERS of NORTH AMERICAN HARDWOODS/SOFTWOODS such as: kitchen cabinet, furniture, flooring, millwork, secondary mfrs., importers/distribution yards, traders, agents, etc. It lists all the major exporters of North American forest products. This directory helps the overseas buyer find suppliers for Hardwood and Softwood forest products available in North America. Each listing includes firm name/address, web and e-mail addresses, phone number, fax number, person to contact, description of facilities and products exported.

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Imported Wood Purchasing Guide

Imported Wood Purchasing GuideThis important directory tells you where to find anything you need in the U.S.A. or Canada in imported forest productsgives you a wide variety of imported suppliers of lumber, mouldings, veneers, wall paneling, furniture components, flooring, plywood, logs, hardboard, doorskins, millwork, etc. Each supplier listing gives you the company name, address, telephone number, fax number, person's name to contact, description of production or service facilities, products handled, etc. Ideally suited for purchasing! A must for overseas suppliers who want more sales opportunities in the U.S.A. and Canada.

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Softwood Trade Publications

Softwood Forest Products Buyer

Softwood Forest Products BuyerNow, for the first time, you have instant access to what is happening in the Softwood forest products industryboth on the supply side and in the marketplace. This exciting newspaper provides you with interesting feature articles on purchasing, yarding, inventory control, marketing, production, utilization and distribution of Softwood forest products such as lumber, plywood, moulding, etc. Buyer and supply profiles appear in each issue. Reports on in-depth market trends and association activities are included. This dynamic publication promoting Softwood forest products has been hailed as needed and an excellent idea by industry leaders. Published six times per year.

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Softwood Marketing Directory

Softwood Marketing DirectoryYou'll have instant access to over 3,900 woodworking and industrial plants' Softwood lumber purchasing needs with complete, up-to-date, documented facts on species, grades, thicknesses and quantities of Softwood lumber and other Softwood forest products bought regularly. It tells you who does the buying, complete plant names, addresses, etc., telephone numbers, fax numbers and products manufactured. It lists buyers of Cedar, Fir, Hemlock, White Pine, Yellow Pine, Ponderosa Pine, Pine (Misc.), Redwood, Spruce and Mixed & Misc. Softwoods. It is also available Online, where you will be able to search by state, city and species.

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