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Andersen Pacific Forest Products Ltd. Adds New Log Sorting Yard

Maple Ridge, BC—Andersen Pacific Forest Products Ltd. (APFP), based here, recently announced the addition of their new log-sorting yard. “We are pleased to announce our most recent acquisition,” Archie Rafter said. “Formerly Silvermere Sawmill, this location is now owned and operated by the Andersen Family and is named Northview Stave Division.”

 This 7-acre site is another step in the ongoing expansion of the Canadian Overseas group of companies. “This further enables our company to compete and service our customers in today’s log and lumber market,” Rafter noted.

He continued, “This new yard will allow APFP to better sort and grade logs to better fit with the variety of cutting patterns from Timbers to Vertical Grain clear. This will also ensure we maximize recoveries and also will result in better continuity of quality in all lumber programs. As our business is becoming more boutique every year and having the increased pressure to have just-in-time shipping, we believe this is a necessary step to achieve these goals.

“In addition this move will greatly benefit APFP sawmill regarding the annual problem of the Fraser River Freshet and give us the ability to store more logs up river for that time of year.”

Andersen Pacific Forest Products Ltd. is a specialty sawmill operation that offers high-grade Western Red Cedar products, Cedar merchandise and Douglas Fir timber logs.

Purchased in 1993, the company has established a reputation for manufacturing consistent high quality lumber. “One of our strengths is the affiliation with our sister company, Canadian Overseas, which is the core business of the organization,” said Rafter. Managed by President and CEO Charlie Andersen and his son Ron, Canadian Overseas provides a number of services for various clients. From loggers and timber owners to mill owners, custom-cutters and lumber buyers, the company finds the “best fit” for both the producer and consumer of the logs.

Andersen owned Canadian Overseas, Canadian Pulp Chip and Northview Enterprises for almost 30 years before purchasing Andersen Pacific Forest Products. He purchased the partially completed mill in 1993 from a bankruptcy court. In 1994, Mitsui & Co. Ltd. and Mitsui & Co. (Canada) Ltd. acquired a minority position in APFP—which Andersen re-purchased in 1999. One of Charlie Andersen’s life-long dreams had been to own a manufacturing facility and with all of his knowledge and experience in the log and lumber industry, APFP was the perfect fit.

“We look forward to the integration of this new yard to enable APFP in being an industry leader in quality, delivery and service,” Rafter concluded.

APFP is certified by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, a member of the North American Wholesale Lumber Association, the Canadian Mill Service Program and the International Wood Products Association.

Other operations under the Canadian Overseas Group include Northview Enterprises Ltd., Canadian Pulp Chip Ltd. and Blue Mountain Woodlot Ltd. For more information visit


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