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Pictured are Brian and David Fehr, owners of Comact USA (center); and, Brian cut the ribbon recently to help celebrate the grand opening of Comact’s new manufacturing plant in St. George, SC.
Comact USA Celebrates New Manufacturing Facility

St. George, SC—Recently Comact USA held a grand opening ceremony and a ribbon cutting event to help celebrate the opening of their new manufacturing plant located here. This new plant of 40,000 square feet will have the capacity to build the firm’s high performance equipment such as their Wave Feeder™, high-speed log and lumber handling equipment and others. Attendees at the grand opening included: the owners of Comact USA, Brian and David Fehr, along with politicians and state employees; sawmill customers; American employees of Comact USA and Canadian employees of Comact, who work at some of the company’s divisions in Canada; friends; and visitors.

The first speaker at the podium was Bill Hearn, who is the Chairman of the Dorchester County Council. He was followed by Ted Campbell of the South Carolina Department of Commerce. Next, the mayor of St. George, SC, Anne Johnson, spoke to the attendees at the grand opening ceremony. All these individuals thanked Brian and David Fehr for opening their plant in St. George, which they said, would furnish jobs and help the local economy to improve. The last speaker at the podium was Brian Fehr, one of the owners of Comact USA, who said he and his brother were very happy to open their new plant in St. George because it will enable their company to better serve their customers located in the United States.

Brian Fehr, one of the owners of Comact USA, was the last speaker to welcome everyone to the grand opening of the firm’s new 40,000-square-foot manufacturing plant in St. George, SC.
Comact is part of the BID Group of Companies from British Columbia and they have their headquarters in Saint-Georges, QC. The BID Group of Companies has several divisions, which are briefly described in the following paragraphs.

Comact has done turnkey projects in the past for constructing sawmills and planer mills. With the addition of BID Group, they will have the potential to offer even more turnkey projects in USA and Canada. The company also offers upgrades and modernizes Softwood and hardwood sawmills and planer mills. Its range of products allows it to offer complete processes, including the mechanical equipment, the PLC controls required to manage them and the optimization systems for optimizing the recovery of the fiber in lumber manufacturing. Also, Comact has developed an impressive expertise in artificial vision and the reputation of the GradExpert has supported that over the years. And of course, Comact also offers technical support and training for their equipment users. To find out more information about Comact visit

Among the group of Companies that BID also owns, you have the following ones:

Brian Fehr, Marlene Fehr-Power and David Fehr, Comact USA, St. George, SC.
Deltech Manufacturing provides green energy solutions, wood energy, biomass systems, wood pellet manufacturing plants, and district heating systems for those in need. To find out more about Deltech Manufacturing visit

NCL Engineering has a facility where they do machinery design work for sawmills, planer mills, material handling, oriented strand board/plywood plants, and they also manage projects. Their website is

Nechako Construction Ltd. is a company that does value-added construction projects for those in need. For example, they do planning, detailing, fabrication, installation and maintenance for value-added construction projects; and, Nechako Construction has skilled employees like millwrights, welders, fabricators, carpenters, crane operators and others. Their website is

Nechako Mechanical does large-scale industrial fabrication and this firm has a 40,000-square-foot facility where they do fabrication, build machines, do millwright work and have paint shops. Their website is

SEC Sawmill Equipment Company Inc. is a company that designs and manufactures lumber handling equipment such as: transfers; trimmers; unscramblers; lug; SL-heaters; positioning; fences; and package handling equipment like bin sorters, stackers and stick placers, lathe placers and collection systems. Their website is

Martine Dulac, Comact Equipment Inc., Saint Georges, QC; and Judith Derksen, Anna Hiebert and Peble Fehr, Comact USA, St. George, SC.
PHL Equipment is a company that designs and manufactures equipment for Hardwood sawmills and lower production Softwood mills. In their products list, you can find breakdown equipment such as resaws, canter twin band mill breakdown, curve-sawing gang. They also manufacture lumber handling equipment such as trimmer and sorter lines for Hardwood mills. You can learn more about that company by visiting their website at

Vanderhoof Specialty Wood Products is a firm that specializes in value-added lumber manufacturing and pellet production. They make HRA finger jointed lumber, posts, rails and platinum wood pellets. Their website is

 According to shareholders, Comact Inc. is associated with the best suppliers in the industry such as: ANDRITZ Iggesund Tools, Key Knife-Key LMI Technologies Inc., Equipements PHL, LICO, PHL Equipment, Rockwell Automation, Samuel Strapping Systems and SCS Forest Products Inc.

Comact’s mission is to: provide the wood processing industry with high performance equipment and superior services; be a leader through innovation, technology and product quality; and deliver projects which are profitable for clients, shareholders, employees and suppliers.

Grant Johnson, West Fraser, Germantown, TN; and Tim Gallant, Comact USA, St. George, SC.
The values upheld at Comact are: Accountability; professionalism and integrity; creativity and innovation; commitment; initiative; teamwork; and leadership.

Larry Poudrier, Comact Equipment Inc., Boisbriand, QC; Glenn Player, Jim Anderson and Paxton Smith, Charles Ingram Lumber Co., Effingham, SC; and Frederic Cote, Equipements PHL Inc., Saint Ephrem, QC

Ricky and Marsha Williamson, T.R. Miller Mill Co., Brewton, AL; Loren Walker, Comact USA, Hot Springs, AR; and Daniel Gignac, Comact USA, St. George, SC

At Comact USA’s grand opening, customers, friends and visitors were able to observe a rotary lug loader, a GradExpert ™ and a SEC positioning fence during their visit. This is a view of Comact’s rotary lug loader.

Martine Dulac, Comact Equipment Inc., Saint Georges, QC; and Eric Michaud, Comact Equipment Inc., Montreal, QC

Greg Hair, Charles Drayton, Donnie Baker and Tommy Grimsley, KapStone Paper and Packaging Corporation, Summerville, SC.

Dorothy and Rod Fitzpatrick, and Fred Spinola, Comact USA, St. George, SC; Terry Bishop, Canfor, Graham, NC; and Travis McDonald, Canfor, Myrtle Beach, SC

Jordon Heffelfinger and William Claxton of Comact USA, St. George, SC, are standing by a machine, which is made by their company called PosiLOCK.


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