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Premier Priming Continues Commitment to Zero VOCs and Superior Durability

Bevel sidings are end capped at Premier Priming, East Hartford, Conn., and bundled to the customers’ specifications.
East Hartford, Conn. — Dan Holt and Jamie Place recently announced the acquisition of Zevo Technologies, located here. Holt and Place, owners of Eastern Forest Products and Mill Services Inc., bought Zevo to augment the priming capacity that was currently available at their Cobleskill, N.Y., priming operation. The acquisition included both state-of-the-art priming equipment and a seasoned, experienced staff, both of which are instrumental in helping the partners grow their priming business. The company will continue its operations in the same location under the new name Premier Priming LLC.

“It was a nice fit. We had the opportunity to buy the finest priming equipment in New England and more capacity than we needed. We can now offer top-quality priming services to wholesale lumber clients while meeting the priming needs of our companies,” Place explained.

The new owners renamed the company Premier Priming, but retained Zevo Technology’s plant and employees. Operating from a 30,000-square-foot facility in East Hartford, Conn., Premier Priming has the capacity to coat close to 60,000 board feet a day.

Specialized equipment allows for the application of Premier Priming’s zero VOC coatings.
“Premier Priming operates the only automated system that applies zero VOC coatings in both oil and latex,” said Place. “Specially formulated, zero VOC coatings and the proprietary application system were developed to work in tandem to create durable, environmentally sensitive and fully reversible boards. The system incorporates custom spray equipment and convection oven drying that were designed and built precisely for the controlled application of custom coatings developed by FMI Paint.”

According to Place, FMI Paint has been formulating specific need, high quality coatings since 1950. FMI’s location in the same facility as Premier Priming has enabled the two companies to establish a close relationship that pays dividends in rapid product development, production and delivery.

Premier Priming uses a specially formulated oil primer that penetrates into the wood. This Hydrophobic Oil Primer seals the wood, preventing water intrusion and eliminating the potential for peeling. The primer is then top coated with a 100 percent acrylic coating with exceptional durability and complete block resistance. Premier Priming is so confident in the quality of its coatings and proprietary application process that it offers a 10-year coatings warranty.

The company is proud to continue the environmental commitment first established by Zevo Technologies. “We don’t believe in using products that are bad for the health of the planet or our employees,” explained Place. He said that water vapor is the only byproduct when the zero VOC coatings are applied in Premier Priming’s controlled environment.

Large warehouse space allows for storing and managing inventory.
Since the company was founded in 2012, it has expanded its customer base and added employees. “We’ve been able to grow because we offer a superior product,” Holt explained. “Some of our customers are the largest, most discriminating wholesale lumber suppliers in the Northeast.”

All coatings are spray applied to produce a consistent mil thickness on every board. According to Holt, Premier Priming is the only priming company that can offer a truly reversible board with no rack marks or fingerprints on any face of the board.

Premier Priming has ample room to manage inventory within its plant and never stores materials outside. Typically, a truck can be produced within seven business days.

Premier Priming’s website will debut in the near future. For more information contact 860-218-2244.

Products are inspected before being packaged.

Bevel sidings are dried through one of Premier Priming’s convection ovens.

Boards exit oven number two and are ready for packaging.

A board flipper allows Premier Priming to provide a reversible board.


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