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Roseburg RigidFloor Plywood underlayment delivers stiffness, strength and versatility.
Dillard, Ore. – For over 75 years, Roseburg Forest Products, based in Southwestern Oregon, has been a family-owned manufacturer of wood-based products. The four major product groups produced by the company are plywood (both Softwood and hardwood), lumber, engineered wood products, and composite panels. Roseburg is a vertically integrated company. To support their on-going operations Roseburg owns and manages over 600,000 acres of timberlands in Southern Oregon and Northern California. This timber base combined with their broad manufacturing capabilities has positioned Roseburg Forest Products as a key player in the North American building products industry.

In the mid-1930s Kenneth Ford, the company’s founder, acquired a small lumber mill with a handful of employees in Southwest Oregon. Today the company is being led by Kenneth’s son, Allyn Ford, and employs over 3,000 associates in more than 80 communities throughout the United States. From the company’s beginning in the 1930s the primary objective has been to be a conscientious steward of the environment while providing quality wood products to the market place.

Roseburg’s sheathing panels are especially designed for engineered applications such as structural components where design properties including tension, compression, shear, cross-panel flexural properties and nail holding and bearing are of significant importance.
On the solid-wood side of the business Roseburg’s manufacturing facilities include a large world-class short-lumber sawmill, three Softwood plywood mills, a hardwood plywood mill, a Softwood veneer plant, and a state-of-the-art engineered wood products mill all located in the western United States. On the composite side of the business their manufacturing facilities include three particleboard mills and four laminating facilities located in the western and southern regions of the United States.

As an integrated manufacturer of wood products Roseburg has always had a major commitment to sustainability and what is currently referred to as the “green movement.” Back in the 1960s Roseburg was one of the first companies in the wood products industry to produce particleboard from residual wood waste generated during the lumber and plywood manufacturing processes. Historically this residual waste had either been incinerated or dumped into landfills. Today, any residual by-products that cannot be converted into other down-stream end-use products, such as composite panels or paper, is used to fuel one of the company’s co-generation facilities that provides energy for an adjacent plant or, in some cases, is sold to a local energy provider for use in their power grid.

This long-standing commitment to sustainability coupled with their wide range of manufacturing capabilities allows Roseburg to offer the broadest portfolio of “green” products available from a single North American wood products manufacturer.

The firm’s UltraTread is one of the strongest particleboard stair tread products on the market today and features a highly refined smooth surface and tight uniform core with bullnose edge.
The company also has a history of cooperatively working with government agencies and third-party certification organizations. They believe that cooperatively working with these outside entities further demonstrates their overall commitment to high standards and public awareness. From silviculture practices defined by the Oregon Department of Natural Resources or the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), to product integrity specifications defined by the Engineered Wood Association (APA) or the Composite Panel Association (CPA), the company is always striving to pursue continuous improvement and meet or exceed industry standards.

The management team at Roseburg continues to acknowledge the evolving business needs of its customers and the way people obtain and share information. In keeping with this evolving business environment, the company has recently launched a newly designed website at Mark McLean, the company’s marketing director, explained, “We are excited to introduce our new website and believe that our customers, and other interested parties throughout the wood products supply chain, will find the new website to be packed with information about our company and the products we offer. We hope it will prove to be a valuable resource that our business associates can use to make informed decisions about our portfolio of products and the markets we serve. ”

The company’s new Roseburg Radiant Barrier sheathing is the latest in an impressive list of green, energy-saving products produced by Roseburg.
With nearly eight decades of engagement in the forest and wood products industry Roseburg has experienced the peaks and valleys of many business cycles. They attribute their longevity to two things. First is a sustainability mindset that facilitates their ability to plan for tomorrow while taking care of business today. Second is a loyal customer base that values stability, manufacturing excellence, and the importance of partnering with a proven supplier who is committed to the industry.

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RigidCoat is produced with a tough water-repellent coating on the surface and is backed by a limited lifetime product and performance homeowner warranty.

Roseburg is among North America’s largest single-source producers of engineered wood products (EWP), lumber and plywood. Their EWP facility covers nearly 70 acres, with over 750,000 square-feet of manufacturing space. Their lumber mill produces nearly 400 million board feet annually and their three plywood plants are some of the largest in North America.

Roseburg offers one-stop-shopping for all your decorative panel needs. Choose from a wide selection of materials to build the fundamentals of your design. The compay’s decorative panels can help bring this all together.


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