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Western Forest Products (WFP), located on the coast of British Columbia, attributes its success in part to controlled logging from company tenure.
Diversification Critical To WESTERN FOREST PRODUCTS’ Success

Duncan, B.C.–Western Forest Products Inc. (WFP) is an integrated Canadian forest products producer which manages timberlands and manufactures Softwood lumber and wood products on the coast of British Columbia. WFP has a premium species mix – Western Red Cedar, Hem-Fir, Douglas Fir, Yellow Cedar and Sitka Spruce. With this unique timber base, WFP produces a wide range of products, from commodity to specialty appearance, for the global marketplace.

Western Forest Products is the largest forest tenure holder and lumber producer on the coast of B.C. The company is well positioned to access growing Pacific Rim markets as well as established North American and Japanese markets. With an annual capacity of 1.5 billion board feet, WFP’s 8 sawmills and 2 remanufacturing plants are designed to capitalize on its unique, high quality timber supply to produce long lengths, large cross sections and high grade appearance lumber in addition to commodity lumber.

Western Forest Products is the largest forest tenure holder and lumber producer on the coast of British Columbia.
“Western Forest Products is the largest coastal Western Red Cedar producer in the world,” Jeff Derby, Western Red Cedar Sales Manager explained from WFP’s Vancouver sales office. “Approximately 50 percent of our production is sold to industrial accounts. The balance is a broad range of finished products which supply distributors throughout North America and offshore markets.” In spite of the depressed U.S. housing
market, WFP has seen 17% growth in its Western Red Cedar sales volume.

Derby attributes WFP’s success in WRC to 3 key factors; supply security through company, controlled logging from company tenure, getting the right log to the right mill ensuring dependable, consistent high quality products, and a commitment to rapid service and customer demand through an on ground inventory position.

“With a rapidly changing marketplace and a dramatically shortening supply chain, WFP has adapted its sales and logistics approach to be more responsive,” Derby explains. “We work closely with distributors to identify their requirements on a quarterly basis – this allows us to sell forward and plan harvesting and mill production. However, we also maintain reload inventory to build prompt mixed cars, trucks and containers to respond to customers needs. We can deliver stock by truck to customers just as quickly as if the reload was in their backyard. The key,” Derby goes on to say, “is close relationships and communication which ensures we have the right product on ground and ready to ship.”

The unique skill sets, years of experience and commitment to achieving excellence at Western Forest Products are reflected in the company’s products, processes and culture of continuous improvement and innovation, said Jeff Derby, Western Red Cedar sales manager at WFP.
“We provide product and service excellence for all customers and markets we serve,” Derby says. “A key strength of our organization is our employees and we are committed to creating a safe work place that brings out the best in people. Our employees are dedicated to their profession, company, co-workers, and customers. Their unique skill sets, years of experience, and commitment to achieving excellence are reflected in our products, processes and culture of continuous improvement and innovation. A reflection of this responsiveness to customer demand is our new stocking program of Douglas Fir Timbers. This product line is a No. 1 and Better, free of heart, free of wane, appearance grade timber, that we can offer as green or KD and rough or S4S” Derby added. “It’s a product that capitalizes on the premium log profile of the northern part of Vancouver Island.”

Western Forest Products is fully committed to the protection of the environment and sustainable development of forest resources. WFP provides legal, sustainable and products through the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) chain of custody (CoC) as well as FSC Controlled wood products.

Pictured are Western Red Cedar timbers at Western Forest Products.
Western Forest Products has significantly restructured its operating and financial platform over the last few years and is now well positioned to implement its $125 million capital investment plan. These investments will ensure Western continues to be the premiere supplier of coastal wood products for markets around the world. “WFP is well positioned, from a log and manufacturing standpoint, to continue to grow its Western Red Cedar business for years to come,” said Derby.

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This is an example of WFPʼs Whitewood selection.

This is a photo of 1x8 channel available at WFP.

Western Forest Products loads orders onto railcar.

Shipment by container load is available at WFP.


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