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Richardson Timbers’ General Manager Grant Vaughan.
RICHARDSON TIMBERS Provides Fresh Cut Appearance With Tru-Ruf

By Terry Miller

Dallas, Texas—Mineral stains, banding marks and graying of timbers often come with the territory of carrying inventory. These common issues, due in part to natural elements are often unavoidable. Richardson Timbers has recently taken measures to defeat these concerns with the installation of the Tru-Ruf machine.

“With this machine we can run a timber through just one pass and it’s a brand new, fresh timber,” General Manager Grant Vaughan explained. “The Tru-Ruf brightens all four sides of the timber and the result is a completely different finish than the saw texture or the surfacing; it’s more of a comb look.”

Grant said the new machine has the ability to handle sizes from a 1x to a 12x20 “There are four chain saw blades that hit the timber all at once,” he continued.

Originally intended for another operation, Grant said the machine is custom built. “Our mill manager Bruce Cole and I went to an auction in McMinnville, Oregon, and were lucky enough to purchase this machine.” The finished product will be a custom item offered to our customers.

Custom built Tru-Ruf equipment provides a fresh cut appearance to the timber once it is processed.
Richardson Timbers also offers custom patterns, rafter tails, trailer flooring, corbels, surfacing, resaw boards and dimension, rip board and dimension, most Southern Yellow Pine patterns, precision end trimming and saw texturing. Richardson stocks No. 1 and Better green Douglas Fir in sizes up to 20x20 and lengths up to 40- feet; No. 1 and Better Appearance Western Red Cedar in 16x16 and lengths up to 32- feet; No. 1 kiln-dried Fir in sizes up to 12x16 and lengths up to 24-feet (larger sizes available upon request); and D Grade Fir in sizes 1x6 to 1x12 and 2x6 to 2x12 from 6 through 16-foot random length’s only - board or pattern stock available; and mixed hardwood timbers up to 12x12
and in lengths up to 20 feet.

Grant explained that keeping inventory on the ground is important at Richardson Timbers so they are able to respond and expedite orders promptly. “We try very hard to keep our lead time to a minimum of two or three days,” he said. “I don’t believe in being over three days unless it’s a custom order. All orders with Richardson Timbers ship complete.”

Richardson Timbers has been serving the building industry for over 60 years, and is one of the leaders in custom millwork and manufacturing of customized timbers. “We’re very unique and take pride in what we do,” Grant said.

“We’ve worked very hard to achieve the quality of the material and services that we offer our customers.”

Mineral stains, banding marks and graying of timbers often come with the territory of carrying inventory. A timber is shown here before running through the Tru-Ruf machine.
With equipment like the precision end trimmer, Grant said Richardson Timbers has a multitude of capabilities. “We can take somebody’s 2x4 10’s and cut them to 8’s or whatever the order calls for. We have a straight line rip saw, two moulders, a Mattison and a Weinig.” Other equipment at Richardson includes a band saw and a profile grinder.

Richardson Timbers’ products have gone into the making of many high-end homes, restaurants and other businesses. “We are big enough to service any order but we’re small enough to satisfy the individual customer as well,” Grant said. “We are customer- driven, not industry driven. We don’t want to be the biggest but we do want to be the best.”

A testament to the statement, “Your products are only as good as your people,” Grant said, “The group of people that we have are not only excellent at what they do, but it’s an honor and a pleasure to work with them.”

Lynn Surls is the President/CEO at Richardson Timbers. Including Grant Vaughan, General Manager, key personnel of the operation are: Durae Miller, office administrator; Steven Rogers, inside sales representative; Bruce Cole, mill manager; Lucio Martinez; specialty items supervisor, Jamie Hursh, outside sales representative for North & West Texas market as well as Oklahoma; Jarrod Brashers, outside sales representative for the Houston market; and Brian Suggs, outside sales representative for the Austin/San Antonio market.

After the Tru-Ruf machine’s four saw blades process the timber, the appearance is a fresh cut timber.
Richardson Timbers is a member of the North American Wholesale Lumber Association; Lumbermen’s Association of Texas; Ft. Worth Lumbermen’s Association; and the Homebuilder’s Association. For more information visit

Brian Suggs is outside sales representative for Richardson Timbers’ Austin and San Antonio, Texas markets.


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