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AA Corporation, located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, is primarily a contractor for high-end hotels and the firm matches demands for clients’ luxurious design with the elegance of U.S. hardwoods, such as Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Alder, Poplar and Willow.
AA Corporation And American Hardwoods Equals Success

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam–AA Corporation (Advanced Architecture) is an interior design and furniture manufacturing company located just south of here. The company was established in 1990 when Nguyen Quock Khanh struck a deal with the government to lease the land in an area not commonly known for being a manufacturing hub. Known for its large contracts received primarily with hotels, AA Corporation incorporates wood in many of its interiors and furniture. Approximately 30 percent of its wood is sourced locally, with the rest coming from imports.

As a contractor for high-end hotels, the company matches the demands for a luxurious design with the elegance of U.S. hardwoods, such as Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Alder, Poplar and Willow.

Situated along a tributary of the Mekong Delta, AA Corporation is a series of large warehouses that employs approximately 2,000 people. The site extends over 13 hectares, on which is located the warehouse, production workshops, and office buildings. The factory also includes 11 kiln dry rooms of 30 cubic meters each, providing standard moisture after treatment of the timber. The company is fully equipped with the most modern Italian and German machinery, but adds significant hand labor in marquetry, carving and finishing to reach the highest quality level in the market.

AA Corporation is a series of large warehouses that employs approximately 2,000 people.
With this philosophy in mind, AA Corporation possesses the flexibility to compete on international bids with other manufacturers. In 1998, AA began to participate in bids for overseas interior design contracts and won its first overseas contract for the interior design, supply of furniture and renovation of rooms of the Hilton Colombo in Sri Lanka. The company has received projects for high-end hotels from Oman, Ukraine, New York, and Australia. AA Corporation is FSC certified for chain-of-custody and uses FSC certified wood upon request from customers. Recent international projects include: Plaza Anthenee, New York City; Intercontinental Kiev, Ukraine; and the Regency Palace, Kuwait.

In 2005, Khanh visited the United States on a trade mission to visit various sites of hardwood mills and applications around the East Coast. On this trip, he learned the whole process of the supply chain from harvesting of the wood to the design and implementation into the applications seen in the locations. Khanh was educated on the environmental credentials of U.S. hardwoods, which has played an integral role in AA Corporation since Vietnam was accused of sourcing illegal wood. AA Corporation has left its doors wide open for visitors to come by any time without any notice to prove any naysayer wrong about the sources of wood.

Enthusiastic about his trip, Khanh returned to Vietnam and partnered with HAWA (Handicraft Association of Vietnam) to support a competition for up-and-coming designers of furniture and interior design. The designers use donated U.S. hardwoods at the behest of the organizers and supporters of the contest. The contest is now in its third year and has gained a significant amount of popularity. Khanh hopes to remain a staunch supporter of the program.

AA Corporation is fully equipped with Italian and German machinery.
With such success on the international stage, AA has transferred its success into local projects which feature the use of U.S. hardwoods, a rarity considering Vietnam has commonly used local wood for its domestic source. These projects include living spaces, hotels, resorts, restaurants, and shops throughout the country. AA also works according to the clientele’s own designs and specifications, always guaranteeing quality and on-time delivery. Some of the latest projects include the Amansara Resort in Cambodia, Park Hyatt Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, Nam Hai Resort in Hoi An, and the Louis Vuitton shop in Hanoi. Since 1990, the company has been successful in establishing itself as a leading interior and furniture design contractor in Vietnam as evident in the projects domestic and international.

For more information about this company, go online to www.aacorporation.com.

AA Corporation uses significant hand labor in marquetry, carving and finishing of all its products.

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