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Sayyas Windows Stock Co. Ltd. in Harbin, China, is among the largest window and doorframe manufacturers in China.
SAYYAS WINDOWS STOCK CO. In “Pace with the World”

Harbin, China–It is among the largest manufacturers of window and door frames in China. Sayyas Windows Stock Co. Ltd. was founded in 1998 with the setting up of its first factory here. Currently, the company employs over 600 staff, most of whom are young college graduates from mid to late 20’s.

At the Harbin plant, Sayyas manufactures a wide range of wooden windows, styled after German and Italian models. With an area of over 40,000 square meters, the factory houses three production lines, 12 administrative divisions, a service center and a R&D department. To date, Sayyas has invested RMB80 million in advanced, German professional wood window manufacturing equipment. The plant has the capability to churn out more than 250,000 m2 of wood windows per year.

For the production of doors and windows, Qiu Dong, General Manager of Sayyas’ new factory in Shanghai said the raw material comprised mainly imported wood with 50 percent of the supply being obtained from the United States. Oak has proven to be the most stable and solid for these products. European species accounts for 30 to 40 percent; while the rest are made up of local timber sourced from Qingdao and Liaoning regions.

At the time of writing this article, the company was in the process of setting up its second factory in Guangzhous. Upon completion, the company will have a total workforce numbering 1,200 employees.

Sayyas has 16 sales offices and 45 dealers across China. Presently, it is a leader in the market by virtue of the fact that it commands more than 40 percent of China’s domestic high-end wood window market.

Equipped with a state-of-the-art research department, the company is committed to quality and customer satisfaction. As a result, each piece of wooden window or door is meticulously crafted to meet exacting standards or expectations of customers in the higher segment of the market. Attention to detail, combined with the use of only the very best wood, aluminum cladding, top of the line hardware, as well as paint and glues have ensured that doors and windows are able to retain their perfect shape, while clients are assured of the best in terms of insulation, water proofing, wind resistance and durability.

Sayyas spares no effort to enhance the skills of workers so that perfection can be achieved in all its products.
At Sayyas, the company churns out the full range of German and Italian style windows and is thus able to cater to the varying tastes, needs and demands of customers. They are crafted to equal any first class wood windows made elsewhere in the world.

As the world enters the 21st century, China is confronted with new challenges as a result of its entry into the World Trade Organization. Realizing the shortcomings of China’s bygone era, Sayyas has devised a slogan: “In pace with the world,” which reflects the company’s desire not only to pursue quality, but also to keep pace with international standards and regulations.

The company has embarked on a mission to design and manufacture first class wood window products and to remain the No. 1 window manufacturer in China.

In pursuit of the highest level of quality and in its attempt to maintain a dominant role in the world market, the company has adopted a company spirit or working motto that says: “Devote yourself to your work today, and reap the benefits tomorrow.” As a result both the management and employees have devoted their attention and energies to the construction of wooden doors and windows that offer high quality, high value and a lifetime of performance.

“We decided on U.S. species because the price is comparable with European wood. Actually, we started using local timber, but soon discovered the beauty of American species. Another contributing important factor is the abundant and stable supply that ensures an uninterrupted flow of raw materials to the mill. Moreover, we are happy with the grading system that comes with U.S. lumber,” said Dong. Starting with five containers a month, consumption of U.S. lumber will soon be increased to 20 per month when all the three factories become operational.

However, use of U.S. species has not been a totally glitch-free experience. Though Alder looks good, it is found to be unstable as cracks soon begin to appear in different places. Oak is found to be the more stable and reliable wood.

Fifty percent of Sayyas’ raw material is obtained from the United States with Oak proving to be the most stable and solid in the production of doors and windows.
Currently, the bulk of the doors and windows are produced for the huge domestic market of China. Less than 10 percent of the items produced end up in countries like Russia, Korea and Japan.

Wooden windows made by Sayyas that come with their natural wood design and innovative technology, thus helping clients realize their desire for a more natural and comfortable life style.

The following words can best describe the Italian series: “Alloy-framed, wood-inlaid, warm and fashionable, elegant and

Combining natural wood and metal, Italian windows are made from refined aluminum profiles using an interior layer of hard wood. Complete with insulated profiles and multi-sealing, this series performs exceptionally well and provides customers with insulation and soundproofing needs. With its fashionable and elegant design, the Italian series bring a sense of romance and charm into a room like a warm breeze from the Apennines, as the company brochure claims.

For German-style wood windows, Sayyas selects only the finest natural Pine wood and high-quality components to match its superior craftsmanship. German style wood windows are designed to prevent distortion and warping, ensuring high standards in heat-retention, water repellency and wind-pressure-resistance.

Unlike conventional windows, stationary windows cannot be opened and serve to bring in sunlight. With the beauty of a natural wood frame, they can significantly enhance a room’s décor.

The traditional “Tilt & Turn” windows, which are fitted with a vertical hinge, are excellent for added ventilation and temperature control. It is also easy to clean and maintain. Equipped with Sayyas hardware, these specially designed casement type windows can be tilted open to let in fresh air, while at the same time keep out strong winds, rain, sand and other unwanted elements. These windows allow for fresh air intake in a cold climate.

Sliding windows work well when space is limited. Built with multi-patented hardware, these windows need only a slight finger pressure to open and close. It’s like operating a piece of finely tuned precision machinery with a simple touch.

Starting with five containers per month, Sayyas’ consumption of U.S. lumber will soon be increased to 20 per month.
The range of German aluminum clad wood windows are not only unique, unconventional and environment friendly but also surprisingly elegant. The natural, sleek, style of the interior wood blends harmoniously with almost any home décor, while the exterior aluminum cladding serves as a weather shield, protecting the wood from harsh elements for many years to come. Sayyas aluminum clad wood windows offer the best of both worlds: the perfect combination of natural beauty and innovative technology.

Being a professional window manufacturer not only means offering quality craftsmanship but also the ability to offer clients with a variety of choices in design and functionality. Sayyas French wood windows offer a classic “open” look that not only provides extra ventilation, but also more sunlight to complete the home design solution.

The French series also come with the Tilt & Turn, Sliding and Foldings models. Also available are the French style wood windows with cladding that also offer the Tilt & Turn and Sliding models.

For the production of wooden doors and windows, the company has deployed high-tech precision woodworking machines like the Weinig Unicontrol 6, which is imported from Germany. Planers installed in the factory also bear the Weinig brand. For the processing of wooden frame, the factory uses a Uniplan 23. Leitz knives are chosen for their precision cutting capability and these are also imported from Germany. For joining, the factory has selected Hess 3050, 2050 and 2550 models, which are also made in Germany. Double miter Elumatec saws, also imported from Germany, are used for profile cutting, while the insulated glass line was installed by Forel of Italy. It comes with computerized and numerical control features that ensure durability of products. In addition, the company has invested millions of dollars to set up an American spray paint line, which is the first computerized window painting line in Asia.

Sayyas believes that top workers create top products. Hence, the company has spared no effort to enhance the skills of workers so that perfection can be achieved, even down to the smallest details. As a result, the company has also invested in training aside from the acquisition of advanced equipment. Attempts have also been made to acquire foreign expertise, while technical personnel are being sent abroad for further studies or training. Indeed, the company is committed to keep in pace with the world.

As an endorsement of the company’s commitment to quality, Sayyas was awarded ISO 9001 certification on November 16, 1999 – a first for the door and window manufacturing sector in China. In June, 2000, the company received ISO 9001:94 recertification.

For more information about this company, contact its export manager at sayyas_zb@163.com.

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