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Anthony Forest Products’ treated columns.
ANTHONY FOREST PRODUCTS Introduces Power Preserve Glulam

El Dorado, Ark.—Anthony Forest Products Co., based here, recently released a two-page flyer to assist deck builders/designers in properly sizing a Power Preserved GlulamTM Beam for deck applications. The guide includes a size selection table based on the deck joist span and the actual span of the beam between the columns to make it simple to pick out a size.

By using Power Preserved Glulam Beams as the main structural support, column spacing will increase thereby reducing installed cost.

Anthony Forest is also making it easier to size beams and columns for any deck with this flyer. By using a 5-1/4 inch x 5-1/2 inch Power Preserved Column™ in all deck applications not exceeding 14-feet in height, there is no selection process at all. Going higher than 14-feet would require column sizing.

AFP is now offering 10-1/2 inch and 10-3/4 inch wide laminated beamsand columns at the El Dorado, Arkansas laminating plant.
The deck guide is available for distribution to retail customers and their contractor and deck builders.
To compliment the Power Preserved Glulam Deck Guide, a comprehensive Power Preserved Glulam Beams and Columns brochure is available discussing in detail the products, preservatives, AWPA use categories, load tables, and applications for treated glulam and columns.

AFP is now offering 10-1/2 inch and 10-¾ inch wide laminated beams and columns at the El Dorado, Arkansas laminating plant.
The beams to be offered are the 2400Fb- 1.8E- 300Fv architectural, industrial, and framing appearance classifications.  The columns will be the firm’s standard combination #50 which is all the #1 Dense SYP. All load tables are available in print from our website.

The latest addition to our Power Products line of engineered wood products from Anthony-Domtar Inc. is deep depth Power Joist TM. These ADI 80 and 90 series joist are primarily for non-residential construction and go to 24 inches deep. The ADI 80 uses the SPF 2x4 2100F -1.8E MSR lumber flange, while the ADI 90 uses the 2x4 2400F – 2.0E MSR lumber flange and both utilize a 7/16” OSB webstock.

Anthony Forest Products’ lumber being utilized in commercial construction.
Anthony Forest Products Co. was founded in 1916. Currently the company owns approximately 92,132 acres of timberland in Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas and manufactures over 150 million board feet of kiln dried, grade marked, premium Southern Pine Lumber specializing in 2 x 10 and 2 x 12.

Southern Pine lumber producing mills are located in Urbana, Arkansas and Atlanta, Texas. The firm also operates wood chip mills in Plain Dealing, Louisiana and Troup, Texas with engineered wood laminating plants in El Dorado, Arkansas and Washington, Georgia.

Anthony Forest Products Co. and Domtar Inc. based in Montreal, Quebec jointly own and operate an I-joist manufacturing plant in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

A photo of Anthony Forest Products’ raised wood floor.

A diagram included in Anthony Forest Products recent flyer.


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