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Al Fortune, president and owner of Mid Valley Lumber Specialties and lumber salesman Omar Derkach preparing a load of Westeren Red Cedar for shipment.
Over 100 Years Experience Brings Commitment to Quality and Service

Aldergrove, B.C. – Although Mid Valley Lumber is a relatively new company, founded in 1994, its team possesses well over 100 years experience. President Al Fortune believes this experience is invaluable. “These trusted veterans in the industry have learned the value of a customer and how important it is to keep them coming back. It’s simple; treat our customers as you would like to be treated and supply them the right products. That shouldn’t be too much to ask,” Fortune said.

The sales team is made up of Ken Swartz, formerly Cedartone Specialties, a name synonymous to quality Cedar fencing products; Omar Derkach, 40-year marketing veteran of Mill & Timber; Jeff Robinson, 20-plus years sales and distribution experience at Leslie Forest Products; and Al Fortune, president, Mid Valley Lumber with over 25 years experience in sales and manufacturing, of Western Red Cedar.

According to Fortune, at Mid Valley Lumber your word is your bond and a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. “We are not looking for a one time sale; we are looking to build long term relationships with our customers. A happy customer is a repeat customer and we want repeat customers,” Fortune said. “One way to ensure repeat customers is to produce quality consistent products time after time. You also need to have the flexiblility to change with the market conditions
1x6-6’ #2 & Btr, S1S2E Western Red Cedar ready to be loaded.
and adapt to the customers requirements.”

Special grade sorts, specific packaging and specified lengths are just part of a normal day at Mid Valley Lumber. The company also offers highly mixed and specified loads, to accommadate these economic times when customers are trying to keep inventories very lean and diverse. If Mid Valley does not currently manufacture the Western Red Cedar item a customer requests, they will find a way to either produce or procure it. From this approach they have recently added Douglas Fir Appearance Grade Timbers and Hemlock/Fir industrials to their current product offerings.

Douglas Fir Timbers are available in special grade sorts and almost any size or length up to 40 feet. The product can also be offered with anti stain treatment. Industrial or cut stock items in either Hemlock or Douglas Fir can be supplied.

Mid Valley offers a full line of Western Red Cedar products for almost any application. Balusters, appearance grade posts or timbers, decking, fence boards, fence rails, fence posts, and industrial components for a multitude of projects are included in the company’s products. Also included are pallets, fish planks and lawn furniture. “As Cedar is not like many other species, it has the natural resistance to decay and rot, which makes it an excellent environmental choice for several products,” Fortune said.

Mid Valley Lumber Specialties 4x4, Clear Western Red Cedar.
Mid Valley consistently draws its raw material from the same sources, primarily coastal British Columbia fiber with some Western Red Cedar drawn from the interior of the province. “The fiber comes from both areas of the province as specific fiber is better suited for certain product lines,” Fortune explained.

From the moment Mid Valley starts producing its products, they are monitored throughout the manufacturing processes. “We have a very hands-on approach to what we’re producing and what we do for customers,” Fortune said. Details included in the hands-on philosophy include utilizing special paper-wrap on bundles, and protecting high-end material with bottom protection from dirt and discoloration.

The company also uses only plastic banding to prevent metal oxidation marks. The end result is more usable material for customers. The remanufacturers, wholesalers and wholesale distributors that are Mid Valley’s end customers expect and receive quality in every Western Red Cedar product, Fortune said.

Although Mid Valley sells its products across North America and has even entered European and Asian markets, the company’s goal is to expand Mid Valley’s wholesale distribution throughout the United States and Canada.

Mid Valley Lumber Specialties carefully loads wrapped Western Red Cedar onto a truck.
Mid Valley is an active member in a number of lumber industry associations including the North American Wholesale Lumber Assoc., British Columbia Wood, British Columbia Wholesale Lumber Assoc. and the Independent Lumber Remanufacturers Assoc.

For more information about Mid Valley Lumber Specialties Ltd., visit the company’s website at, write them at or 3084 275 Street, Aldergrove, BC Canada, V4W 3L4, call 604-856-6072 or fax to 604-856-6043.


Western Red Cedar paper wrapped and ready for shipment.


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