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Solid Reputation Keeps PRIMEWOOD LUMBER Successful

Guy Genest is the president of Primewood Lumber Inc., headquartered in Drummondville, Que. He is pictured with Ghyslaine Cusson, office manager.
Drummondville, Quebec—During these tough economic times, a company’s reputation could mean everything when it comes to attracting new business. Since its founding in 1988, Primewood Lumber Inc., headquartered here, has seen significant growth thanks to its reputation as a leading hardwood exporter in Canada.

Guy Genest, president of Primewood Lumber, credits a lot of the company’s success to the good reputation it enjoys in the marketplace. “When we meet new customers, we like to say we’re easy to work with, and that we are recognized for our quality and our flexibility to ship mixed containers,” he said. “We are also strong on on-time shipment.” The company’s geographic location in Drummondville, just an hour’s drive from the Port of Montreal, Que., provides a great opportunity for quick overseas shipment.

Located on 10,000 square meters in Drummondville, Primewood Lumber manufactures over 16 million board feet of hardwood lumber annually. The firm’s 2.8 million board feet of kiln-dried inventory includes a wide variety of species such as Hard and Soft Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Ash, Red and White Oak, Red and Gray Elm, Birch, Aspen and Basswood. The company carries all grades and thicknesses in stock from 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 8/4, 10/4, 12/4 and even 16/4 in some species.

Jean-Jacques Bourbeau works in sales for Primewood Lumber Inc.
“Our well-managed, constant level of inventory provides the perfect opportunity for our customers to buy just what they need,” Genest said. “In addition, we are able to offer many exotic varieties of wood through our partnership with our German affiliate Fritz Offermann Holzimport.”

Primewood Lumber processes most of its lumber via a state-of-the-art sawmill located a short distance from Drummondville. “Nothing is taken with a grain of salt,” Genest said. “Every small detail from the moment logs are being cut until the final end product is being looked at with diligence. The numerous bin sorters that we have also give us the flexibility to grade and sort the lumber after kiln drying in many different ways (width, color, length) and help us meet the different needs and specifications that customers require.”

A concentration yard in Pennsylvania produces all of Primewood’s White Oak. “We predry all of our Oak first before kiln drying it, which is a must for us when it comes to drying thick Oak especially,” Genest said. “There again, we are only a couple of hours drive from the Port of Baltimore, Md.”

Salesman Denis Leblanc along with Genest and Bourbeau visits customers in over 25 countries.
In addition to Genest, who is the owner and handles sales, Jean-Jacques Bourbeau and Denis Leblanc, who both work in sales, and Ghyslaine Cusson, office manager, are key employees for the company. “Cusson has beenwith the company since its founding in 1988, and both Bourbeau and Leblanc have been with me for 15 years now,” Genest said. “The chemistry between all of us has always been great from the start.”

Genest said he, Bourbeau and Leblanc keep a busy travel schedule, visiting customers in over 25 countries. The firm ships its products mainly to overseas importers located throughout the world in Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the United States and Mexico.

Primewood Lumber is a member of the National Hardwood Lumber Assoc. and the Quebec Wood Export Bureau (Q-WEB), an organization dedicated to promoting Quebec wood products in the international market.  Within the past few years, the firm has also focused on its commitment to preserving natural resources, Genest said.

This is an aerial view of Primewood Lumber Inc.’s facility located on 10,000 square meters in Drummondville that manufactures over 16 million board feet of hardwood lumber annually.
“Since November 2006, Primewood Lumber has made a commitment to respect a strict code of conduct regarding the legality and origin of its woods,” he said. “Whether it is a single bundle or a full cargo load, our customers can be assured that their order will be prepared and delivered with respect to their needs and directives.”

In the near future, the company will also be Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) certified.

For more information, visit www.primewood-lumber.com, contact Primewood Lumber at 819-478-7721, or by e-mail to ggenest@primewoodlumber.  com.

Primewood Lumber Inc. would also like to extend an invitation to customers to visit their booth during Interzum Cologne on May 13-16.

This is Primewood Lumber’s sawmill facility located a short distance from Drummondville in Plessisville, Que.

Primewood also maintains a concentration yard in Pennsylvania that produces all of the company’s White Oak lumber.

Pictured is some of the firm's lumber being stored in a warehouse. Primewood boasts over 2.8 million board feet of kiln-dried inventory in over 12 hardwood species and in all grades and thicknesses.

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