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The sales and shipping team at C&D Lumber, located in Riddle, Ore., includes: (from left to right) Tanya Gabbard, Julie Rogers, Lee Greene, Kris Lewis, Leslie Boies. Collectively, they have over 60 years of experience in the lumber industry.
C&D Lumber Revs Up Marketing Efforts

Riddle, Ore.–Alfred Johnson established his sawmill in 1890 on the banks of the Coquille River, where Port Orford Cedar was the preferred building material among the area’s native Americans and early settlers. Over a century later, Alfred’s grandson, Bud Johnson, is the current president of C&D Lumber Co., located here, near the Coos and Douglas County line (hence the name, C&D). Over the years, Bud has continued to build a successful business on the reputation and the company motto of ‘Great people, Great products, Great customers.’

Today, C&D Lumber Co., which produces a variety of products from Douglas Fir, Incense Cedar and Port Orford Cedar, is very unique in its business model of not being a sawmill that is manufacturing driven, but is driven more by the market and customer needs. They have also recently started to see the value and long-term benefits in strategic marketing. To help jump-start the marketing vision, Leslie Boies, has recently joined the C&D sales team as the marketing/sales manager. Prior to joining C&D Lumber Co., Leslie was a marketing manager for an owner and developer of shopping centers, where she played a key role in the development and implementation of the company’s marketing plans. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Oregon State University. Brad Hatley, general manager of C&D Lumber Co. said, “We had a strong desire to bring a marketing emphasis to our experienced sales team. Leslie’s marketing skills, communications skills and commitment to working successfully with others has already proven to be a great asset to both C&D Lumber Co. and our customers.” 

C&D Lumber’s  Premium Exposed® Rough Timbers are clean and blemish-free. They are anti-stain and anti-fungal treated, then paper wrapped to preserve their appearance.
According to Leslie, “I am very excited to be a part of the C&D team. I highly value their dedication to mutually beneficial relationships with employees, shareholders, customers, community and suppliers. In my role, my hope is to build stronger relationships with our customers and to help build win-win marketing programs.”

With this new approach, C&D can work more effectively with their customers in providing marketing support such as partner advertising, support for contractor shows, sample product displays, website links, reference materials and research support.

C&D Lumber Co. prides itself on the dedication of its employees and it is no different within the sales/shipping team, which is made up of individuals that collectively have over 60 years of experience in the lumber industry. Kris Lewis, product manager, has been in the industry since junior high when her stepfather started Billboard Lumber. Lee Greene, product manager, started in the business right out of high school and loves the fact that he works in one of the last industries where a million dollars of business is done daily on a hand shake, an e-mail, a fax and the integrity of those in the industry. Julie Rogers, sales administrative assistant, has worked at C&D since 1999 and enjoys talking to customers and being a support to the sales team. Tanya Gabbard, shipping coordinator, started at C&D 14 years ago doing clean-up. Today, she enjoys the fast-paced operation of the shipping department and going the extra mile to service their customers. 

One of the product lines that C&D is most proud of is its Premium Exposed® Product Line. In 2004, C&D Lumber revised its sawmill to produce blemish-free 2-inch and timbers that are free of dirt, nicks and chain marks. Premium Exposed® rough timbers are anti-stain and anti-mold treated, then paper-wrapped to preserve its blemish-free appearance.

A beautifully designed patio cover using C&D Premium Exposed® 2-inch and Timbers is the perfect compliment to any home.
Standard operating procedures at C&D Lumber are designed to meet or exceed guidelines set by the Oregon Forest Practices Act, which includes some of the most comprehensive forest protection regulations in the nation. C&D Lumber certifies its timber suppliers are landowners licensed by the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) and requires proof of each suppliers Notification of Operation Number issued by ODF. C&D Lumber also operates with a “no waste” policy. The company utilizes every part of the log, from bark for landscaping material to wood chips for paper products and sawdust and shavings for pressed board products.

For more information about C&D Lumber, visit its website at with links for locating C&D’s line of products or write: 1182 Pruner Road, P. O. Box 27, Riddle, Ore, 97469. Contact the firm’s main office at (541) 874-2281 or the sales office at (541) 874-2241.


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