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Based in Langley, B.C., Cedarshed’s specialty outdoor storage products, gazebos and backyard offices are manufactured exclusively from Western Red Cedar.
Cedarshed Industries Makes The Most Of Western Red Cedar

By M.A. Wallace

Langley, B.C.—Few manufacturers of Softwood lumber products have explored a single species’ potential in the commercial market as thoroughly as the British Columbia-based company, Cedarshed Industries (1992) Inc. As the name implies, Cedarshed’s specialty outdoor storage products, which include gazebos and backyard offices, are manufactured from Cedar—Western Red Cedar, to be specific.
“Western Red Cedar grows mainly in British Columbia,” said Bruce Cheng, Cedarshed’s president. “The natural beauty and environmentally safe characteristics of Western Red Cedar make it an ideal option for various building applications.” 

From this valuable resource, Cedarshed manufactures a wide range of outdoor storage solutions, including prebuilt garden sheds, smaller storage units, and both precut and prebuilt gazebos. Each product is produced from a custom
This unscreened Cedarshed gazebo is not only appealing visually, but also offers welcome cover from the sun and inclement weather.
design that enables individual customization by the customer.

Custom designs and targeted marketing have elevated Cedarshed’s product line far beyond the status of a backyard storage unit, and into the high-end realm of garden greenhouses, poolside cabanas, children’s playhouses, elegant gazebos, backyard barbecue shelters and more. Along with tips for obtaining permits, site preparation and other important information, each Cedarshed kit includes a detailed installation manual and complete hardware package, reducing the intimidation factor for backyard assembly projects.

“We take pride in quality products that can easily be customized for customer needs,” said Cheng. “With the use of standardized wall panels, various window and door options can be selected and placed anywhere on the plan.”

Cheng noted that, “Manufacturing challenges to produce quality products, while keeping costs in line, requires a skilled workforce. We are fortunate to have such people working at Cedarshed. These skilled technicians offer us a strong resource of expertise for designing the custom equipment used in the production of our structure designs.

“Western Red Cedar is the ideal species for our line of products,” added Cheng. “The red blush wood has a richer tone than the more blonde hue of White Cedar – and it ages to a beautiful gray patina in outdoor products that compliments many home exteriors. Cedar does not have to be dried prior to milling, and Cedar’s aromatic qualities enhance the use of the product.” Cheng noted that the natural oils from Western Red Cedar
Cedarshed’s custom designs and targeted marketing have elevated the firm’s product lines, which include this Children’s Delight 6x9 playhouse.
protect it from insect damage and make it resistant to decay.

Cedarshed began as a family-run company in 1980, selling products primarily in the local market of Vancouver. In the early 1990s, Cedarshed began purchasing Cedar and gazebos from West Bay Forest Products and Manufacturing Ltd., a company established in 1988 by Bruce Cheng and his business partner, Don Dorazio. West Bay purchased Cedarshed in 1992, and Cedarshed has since expanded its sales throughout the U.S, Canada, Japan and Europe. From a small manufacturing facility located in Surrey, B.C., Cedarshed has successfully grown its business such that in 2000 Cedarshed and West Bay relocated to a larger five-acre site in Langley.  

Sales channels for Cedarshed products include distributors with dealer networks, direct stocking dealers, selected Lowe’s retail locations and online through the company’s web site (, as well as the online big-box retailers Costco ( and Walmart ( In each case, strict attention is paid to a distributor or dealer’s ability to market specialized product lines.

Cedarshed products are shipped overseas via containers, while in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, the products may ship by highway flatbeds or highway van. Shipments are made to distributors and to Lowe’s locations through piggyback services. Internet dealer direct sales and
Even this screened gazebo is ready to be installed upon arrival. Cedarshed’s kits include a detailed installation manual and complete hardware package.
Lowe’s SOS direct sales can be shipped by “less-than-container” services direct to end-customer homes.

“To ensure the integrity of Cedarshed’s meticulous designs and construction standards, quality control is a major focus of the company,” said Cheng. “At each stage of production and packaging, the materials and components are checked to ensure they adhere to Cedarshed’s quality standards. Should a customer be unhappy with the look of a panel or part, or should it be damaged in shipment, the company will replace such parts free of charge.”

Looking to the future, Cedarshed is developing a line of outdoor offices to tempt the growing phenomenon of at-home business entrepreneurs. Cheng also intends to target more dealers who can offer a full range of services for the customer, including installation.

In addition to Cheng, key Cedarshed personnel include Don Dorazio, vice-president; Doug Smith, controller; Harminder Badesha, production manager; Richard Rentz and Manjit Tiwana, sales representatives; Stephanie Parr, sales assistant and Garry Gee, traffic coordinator. Cedarshed is a member of BC Wood Specialties, the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association and the Western Red Cedar Export Association.

This gardener’s shed is a must-have for budding horticulturists. West Bay Forest Products and Manufacturing Ltd. purchased Cedarshed in 1992. Since then, the company has expanded its sales throughout the U.S., Japan and Europe.
For more information about Cedarshed and its products, visit or contact them at 1-604-881-2855.



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