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Larry Huot is the president/owner of DiPrizo Pine Sales in Middleton, N.H.
DiPrizio Assumes Role As Wholesale Distributor

By Terry Miller

Middleton, N.H.—DiPrizio Pine Sales has come a long way since it started as a small sawmill in 1938. Today the firm, which has grown to include a planer/moulder and reman center, dry kilns, and biomass and bi-product processing plants, spreads across 40 acres. Its reputation spreads cross-country. And, as the DiPrizio Pine brand name fast increases in popularity among craftsmen specializing in Eastern White Pine, the firm is not a wholesale distributor, yet they carry a diverse product line for their wholesale customers.

Dedicated to quality product and guaranteed customer satisfaction, DiPrizio Pine Sales has committed itself to offering more wholesaler services and becoming a virtual “one-stop-shop” for its wholesale clients.

“Our goal,” said Larry Huot, president of DiPrizio Pine Sales, “is to help our wholesale clients avoid a duplication in handling and overhead by having us perform those same steps in our normal material flow. The net result is that our clients can be more profitable by utilizing DiPrizio services.”

“DiPrizio Pine Sales has certainly taken on the role of wholesale distributor,” said Scott Brown, vice president of wholesale sales at the firm. Not only does the firm have a state-of-the-art means of production, an extensive inventory and an expansive
Scott Brown is vice president of sales for DiPrizio Pine Sales in Middleton, N.H.
warehouse space in which to store its products, DiPrizio also boasts a growing number of specialized items. Recognized for its kiln-dried 4/4, 5/4 and 6/4 Eastern White Pine, White Pine timbers and Red Pine flooring, DiPrizio also has a loyal following for its 6/4 log siding and V-joint decking. And most recent in the line of DiPrizio goods: finger-jointed products.

“I think Eastern White Pine finger jointed products is definitely a product that is in our future,” predicts Brown. “We’ve marketed a limited amount so far, and I certainly see that area growing.”

While DiPrizio’s large inventory is appealing, so is its quick turnaround. “Ten days or less on common items,” said Brown, adding that such expediency is primarily due to the firm’s inventory forecasting and material design flow-handling changeovers and small orders quickly. DiPrizio doubled its dry-kiln capacity and added four Irvington Moore steam kilns. The company operates nine dry kilns with a total drying capacity of 540,000 feet per drying cycle.

Quality and operational efficiency has been in the forefront of DiPrizio’s priorities since day one. The firm has committed to inventorying multiple products for their wholesale and distribution customers. With the dry kiln capacity increased, a 600 horsepower Hurst wood-fired boiler added and upgrades and expansions to the sawmill facility achieved, the firm has focused efforts on specific quality-control measures. The number of NELMA (Northeast Lumber Manufacturer Association)-certified graders has been increased from three to nine, for instance, and each section of the operation—from the sawmill to the planer line to the moulder—is required to meet specific quality control benchmarks.

DiPrizio Pine’s brand name is quickly increasing in popularity among craftsmen specializing in Eastern White Pine. The firm, while not a wholesale distributor, carries a diverse product line for their wholesale customers.
Enhancements to the firm’s planer/moulder facility have particularly impacted improved quality assurance. By doubling the number of helical knife heads, DiPrizio is now able to produce a smoother, more consistent high-quality finish on its lumber. With the addition of a 120-foot in-feed table, new tilt-hoist, double-end trimmer, and an increase in the number of out-feed sorts helps insure the consistency in quality, finish and an accurately graded product. Not only is DiPrizio now better equipped to meet a greater number of customer requests, the first is also able to offer those customers a greater variety of high quality finished grades.

“Regardless if the customer wants common grades, custom products or a unique program, DiPrizio Pine is the place to get it all from it's Eastern White Pine”

With the firm’s latest updates, quality assurance and product flow of the entire facility has improved significantly. DiPrizio has also prided itself in listening carefully and understanding the customers needs first, and remained committed to producing the highest quality product, delivered on time, with 100% satisfaction.  With the improvements, DiPrizio has created a greater opportunity for cross training and development and therefore, a broader range of specialization and career path for its employees. The firm is proving it has the agility necessary to meet its “one-stop-shop” goals.

Marketed throughout the United States and as far away as California, most of the DiPrizio brand-name products stay in the New England area. The company uses its own trucks for deliveries within a 200-mile radius, priding itself in mixed loads and multiple stops—whatever it takes to fulfill their customers’ needs for success.

Recognized for its kiln-dried 4/4, 5/4 and 6/4 Eastern White Pine, White Pine timbers and Red Pine flooring, DiPrizio also has a loyal following for its 6/4 log siding and V-joint decking.
Success as a manufacturing leader and sound environmental practices go hand in hand. DiPrizio’s commitment to resource stewardship is recognized by its new bio-mass plant generating steam and electricity for the facility, as well as providing safety classes, logger clinics, grader training classes, etc., and also has created a downstream market for mulch, sawdust, paper chips and bagged shavings.

In addition to being an active member of NELMA, DiPrizio is also a charter member of the North American Wholesale Lumber Association (NAWLA) Traders Market, New Hampshire Timberland Owners Association (NHTOA) and the Northeast Retail Lumber Association (NRLA).

Visit DiPrizio Pine Sales at, or call 1-800-647-8989.


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