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Pattar Sidewall Shingles are available in raw, primed grey and white, or any custom color of your choice.
Pattar Delivers ‘Excellence In Quality and Service'

By Jeffrey Carter

Surrey, B.C.–A man with a vision, a strong work ethic and ambition can realize many of his dreams within the forest industry. That's the story for Swaran Pattar who began Pattar Cedar Products Ltd. in the early 1970s.

More than 30 years later, the Pattar Group employs more than 120 employees producing Cedar shakes and shingles and Cedar sidewall shingles in the company’s facility, which is located about a 20 minute drive from the border to Washington State. The firm is one of the largest independent Cedar shake and shingle manufacturers in Canada.

Pattar Cedar Products operates two main manufacturing divisions at its 6-acre production facility. The first division manufactures Cedar shakes and shingles for roofing applications and the second manufactures Cedar shingles for siding applications. The sawmill is managed by Gurveer Pattar, chief operations officer. “At
Pattar Cedar Products takes pride in manufacturing some of the best Cedar shingles for roofing and siding applications.
Pattar, we take pride in offering among the best quality products on the market at a highly competitive price,” said Gurveer. As a result of this commitment to quality and service, Pattar Cedar Products has gained an enviable reputation in the industry. In order to guarantee consistency in quality, Pattar Cedar Products has recently undergone a two-year renovation. Now operating with the most high-tech machinery, Pattar continues to set new industry standards in efficiency and quality.

Pattar Cedar Products manufactures a wide variety of Western Red Cedar shakes and shingles. “From our production facility, we are able to manufacture Perfection Shingles, Royal Shingles and Taper-sawn shingles in both 18-inch and 24-inch lengths. Hand-split resawn shakes in both heavy, ¾-inch, and medium, ½-inch thicknesses and R&R sidewall shingles are also available. The products are manufactured in 100 percent edge-grain premium, blue label No.1 and red label No. 2 grades,” explained Gurveer.

There are also a variety of finishing options available for the Cedar shakes and shingles. For the shakes and shingles manufactured for roofing installations, the material can be pressure treated or fire treated. Pressure treatment extends the life
Pattar Sidewall Shingles are packaged in boxes for easy handling and delivery.
of the product and prevents against moisture buildup and moss growth. For fire treatments, permanent fire protection is provided by pressure impregnating fire retardant polymers into the innermost cells of Cedar shakes and shingles in class A, B or C ratings.

“Pattar Cedar Products is the supplier of choice and our customers can rely on us for consistent high quality, timely delivery, competitive prices and superior service every time,” said Manveer Sidhu, who manages the sidewall shingles division. Cedar sidewall shingles are highly refined products well known for their beauty, character, durability and insulating properties. Only the best shingles with uniform thickness and smooth sawn faces are selected to be remanufactured into sidewall shingles. These shingles are re-butted and re-jointed which means that the butts are trimmed smooth and square to the edges, which are trimmed straight and parallel, for a tailored and consistent look.

Pattar’s Cedar sidewall shingles are available in raw, primed grey or white, or they can be custom colored to any color of choice. They are packaged in boxes for easy handling and delivery.

Crucial to the process for manufacturing top quality shakes and shingles are skilled employees who understand the importance of a consistent approach to quality control. Each of the shingles produced at the mill are hand cut by highly skilled
Only the highest grade of Cedar meets the rigid quality control standards at Pattar.
and experienced sawyers. Only the highest grade of Cedar meets the rigid quality control standards at Pattar. Also, everything manufactured at Pattar Cedar Products is inspected and certified by Steve Harris of the Quality Auditing Institute, an independent third-party inspection agency. The Cedar shakes and shingles manufactured at Pattar are inspected to meet the approval of various local, national and international product standards and codes. Pattar Cedar Products administers a 20 to 50-year limited product warranty. “All of Pattar Cedar Products’ warranties are transferable, we stand by our products,” said Gurveer Pattar.

North America's forests are also what make Pattar Cedar Products viable. So they have made a commitment to the maintenance of wildlife, air quality, recreation and jobs, to ensure their existence for future generations. To achieve this, Pattar Cedar Products has taken a leadership role in the development of environmentally sound logging and forestation practices. As a result, there has been decreased forest disturbance, road building and truck traffic, while maximizing the yield of logs and minimizing waste. British Columbia has some of the strictest regulations on harvesting Western Red Cedar.

Pattar Cedar Products has taken a leadership role in the development of environmentally sound logging and forestation practices.
Also, all Pattar Cedar Products’ production facilities are committed to full fiber recovery. They use virtually 100 percent of all wood fiber entering their mills for lumber, shakes, shingles and custom chipping. Internal and external audits also assure environmental compliance.

“The world will always depend on wood fiber building products, so we use our resources efficiently and manage our forests wisely. This mutual co-dependence is what compels us to continue setting new environmental standards in the forest industry,” said Gurveer.

Pattar Cedar Products’ commitment to consistently delivering top quality product is evident in its clientele base. “We have thousands of clients, ranging from distributors, wholesalers, builders, installers and individual homeowners as well,” said Puneet Pattar, controller at Pattar Cedar Products Ltd. Pattar’s shakes and shingles are sold across Canada and throughout the United States.

“Excellent product, exceptional service, and competitive prices are what customers are looking for today. At Pattar it’s our
Pattar Cedar Products is the supplier of choice and customers can rely on them for consistent high quality, timely delivery, competitive prices and flexible, friendly and personalized service.
promise to ensure that each customer is satisfied with their experience,” explained Puneet. Pattar Cedar Products is a proud member of the North American Wholesale Lumber Assoc. (NAWLA), British Columbia Shake and Shingle Assoc., the Greater Vancouver Home Builder’s Assoc., and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

The Pattar advantage is described as a commitment to quality, service and price. With tough quality control mechanisms, an enthusiastic sales team, and a promise to deliver exceptional product at competitive prices, the team at Pattar Cedar Products ensures satisfaction with every transaction. “Our motto is ‘quality is everybody’s business,’ and we ensure that every step of the way,” stated Gurveer.

For more information about Pattar Cedar Products, visit the company’s Web site at

The pre-manufactured Cedar blocks are then hand split to make Cedar shakes.
Material is packaged for delivery all over North America.


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