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Now, help your builders manage projects better online with Boise Plans Room.
How Boise® Plans Room Can Help You Build Strong Working Relationships With Homebuilders

Boise, Idaho—Boise Engineered Wood Products continues to gain marketshare in 2007 from supplying profitable value-added products and services to its channel partners—dealers who sell Boise engineered wood products and homebuilders who buy from them. While other manufacturers hope to someday offer these value-added services, Boise forges ahead with more and more services such as BoiseÒ Plans Room, which enables dealers to post builders’ plans online for better project management, shorter cycle times, and improved profitability. Here’s how it works:

Obsolete Paper vs. Up-to-Date Electronics:

Successful building projects depend on multiple parties and contractors having timely access to project blueprints. Contractors have typically managed this process by printing several paper copies of blueprints and either mailing or hand delivering them to team members involved in the project. Because plans often change, it can be difficult to assure that all team members are working with the most current set of plans. And without accurate, real-time information it is increasingly difficult for builders to manage for profitability. To help its customers manage more successful businesses, Boise has created Boise Plans Room, an efficient, time and money-saving way to manage construction projects.

Managing for Profitability:

Your builders can always have current plans available to their project team members.
Boise Plans Room is a management tool enabling homebuilders to manage building projects through the planning and building stages. This software application allows Boise customers to post electronic drawing files to a secure internet-based repository of information for each individual project – to communicate, track, update redlines, do take-offs, archive all project related information, and organize it for future use. Boise Plans Room facilitates better management and administration of processes and tasks through all phases
of the construction project lifecycle.

Team Members Always View the Most Current Set of Plans:

Boise Plans Room enables customers to post projects, including complete home plans, for viewing and markup by project team members. This tool helps improve communication, keeps all team members up to date and working from the most current set of plans, and can eliminate costly errors. Since all that is needed is an Internet connection and an email address, team members have instant, anytime access to the latest project documents and designs based on their security level. Decisions are made quickly and are always based on the most current information.

A Collaborative Tool that Makes Ordering Materials a Snap:

With Boise Plans Room the plan may be accessed anytime by the architect/designer, builder, dealer, subcontractors, product vendors, even the homeowner. Project members can view, download, print and mark up plans, posting changes as they’re made for all to see. This can help assure that everyone is always working with the most current plans incorporating recent changes. Once the plan is finished on BC FramerÒ, you’ll have all material lengths, so ordering material is a snap. So are exact cut lists, squaring diagrams, color-coded framing placement plans and other tools to build homes faster and more profitably. Boise Plans Room can give dealers a powerful tool for working with builders and building long-term, mutually productive business relationships.

Project team members can mark up plans and coordinate changes instantly online. 
Easy to Learn, Use, and Integrate into Existing Business Processes:

Boise Plans Room is simple to deploy, maintain, and use. It keeps information safe, with a multilevel permission system that limits access to authorized users at each level. The program centralizes and standardizes the way projects are managed, ensuring consistent documentation, common work practices, and faster, clearer, more easily understood communication. It also enables the re-use of standard project templates, or “cloning”, of complete projects with all changes and enhancements, to facilitate the next project. Boise Plans Room permits easy viewing and markup by all members of the extended project team without the need to own expensive software. Another benefit of Boise Plans Room is that owners and project managers enjoy heightened project visibility. Better information faster enables more timely decision making and can directly translate into faster time to market and optimized profitability.

To learn more about Boise Plans Room, check out or or call 1-800-232-0788.



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