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Goodfellow Inc.’s head office is located in Delson, Que.
Goodfellow Can Meet All Customer’s Timber Needs

By Doug Knowles

Delson, Que.—While Goodfellow has long been known as “The Wood Specialist,” the Canadian company could also rightfully claim to be “The Timber Specialist.” Established in 1898, the company’s expertise in the wood business certainly helped propel it to its current position. Goodfellow is one of the major players in the timber industry, and its product range has widened to include custom Glu-Laminated Timbers and Specialty Mining Timbers. Moreover, the company has added a brand new Hundegger K2 fabricating machine to its equipment.  

Solid Wood Timbers

Goodfellow’s inventory, the largest in North America, includes Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, Western and Eastern Hemlock, as well as a variety of Softwoods in Sitka Spruce, Yellow Cedar, among others, and hardwoods in red and white oak, hickory, walnut, maple and others. The firm offers 24x24-inch and wider bea
The firm recently acquired the latest Hundegger K2 fabricating machine, which has computer-controlled accuracy.
ms that are readily available, in lengths of up to 60 feet.

Glu-Laminated Timbers

Goodfellow was one of the first companies to fabricate custom Glu-Laminated timbers, marketed under the name GOODLAM. Compared to solid wood, Glu-Laminated beams offer superior mechanical strength and stability. Their natural appearance is much sought after for projects requiring a warm, traditional feel. Glu-Lam timber is especially suited for projects where the structure is left to be apparent: columns, straight and curved beams, purlins, arches and heavy trusses. GOODLAM beams can be found, among other places, in more than 50 Boston Pizza restaurants. “According to the designers at Boston Pizza, our GOODLAM beams make customers feel more at home,” said Roger Grenier, vice president of U.S. sales.

The possibilities of GOODLAM beams are near endless. “Send us your plan. We provide engineering services, shop drawings, steel connections and custom finishing services,” commented Richard Goodfellow, president and chief executive officer.

Goodfellow recently completed the fabrication of a 22-inch by 22-inch by 100-foot beam that was use
The Hundegger K2 machine can mill timbers up to 60-inch by 24-inch and 40 feet long.
d to make a new mast for the world-famous Bluenose II Schooner, a symbol of Canada and Nova Scotia. This Glu-Laminated mast was preferred to a single timber for its superior durability and because the curing process of a tree may take as much as seven years.

Mining Timbers

Goodfellow also is the world supplier of mining timbers. Mine guides are available in Douglas Fir, PSL, Glu-Lam, and Kani hardwood. Precision fabrication of complete mining cuts to specification is Goodfellow’s specialty. Ladders, Manway Platforms, Stop Logs, etc.—you name it—Goodfellow has it and fabricates it.

K2 Fabricating Machine

Goodfellow recently acquired the latest Hundegger K2 Fabricating Machine.
GOODLAM beams are custom-fabricated Glu-Laminated timbers.

This state-of-the-art machine can mill timbers of up to 16-inch by 24-inch and 40 feet long, with computer-controlled accuracy. Arches, tenons, angle cuts—no request is too challenging for it:

• Linked to the Wood Works Software
• Very efficient  for standard and custom designs alike
• Quick setup and delivery
• Can cut long angled cuts through the length of a timber
• Cuts ridge, hip, and valley cuts precisely
• Can do grooves in any timber at any angle, width, or depth
• Has a finger mill for milling narrow slots, housings, and small radiuses
• Has a large mill for milling tenons, birds mouths, and large radiuses
• Has a removable dovetail mill for milling dovetail mortises and tenons
• Has the same tools as the standard universal mill
• Can mill a wide variety of compound operations for greater flexibility
• Can mill any wood species: Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, Southern Yellow Pine, hardwood, etc.

With the increasing volume of custom orders, and the ever-pressing need for faster deliv
Goodfellow was enlisted to fabricate a 22-inch by 22-inch 100-foot beam to make the mast for the Bluenose II Schooner.
ery, the K2 certainly is a precious asset for Goodfellow.

One Step Ahead

“Given the extremely competitive nature of today’s market, we have no choice but to be the best if we want our business to be successful,” added Richard Goodfellow.

With more than 75,000 square feet dedicated to timber fabrication, 100 years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment, Goodfellow has all it takes to remain one step ahead of its competition.

GOODLAM beams can be found in many places, including more than 50 Boston Pizza restaurants.




The company offers Western Red Cedar timbers for various uses. 








The mast for the world-famous Bluenose II Schooner, a symbol of Canada and Nova Scotia.


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