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MSR lumber is now being shipped out of Temple-Inland’s Buna, Texas, location.

Temple-Inland Opens Second MSR Lumber Operation

Buna, Texas – Less than a year after Temple-Inland introduced machine stress-rated (MSR) lumber to their extensive line of Southern Pine lumber and studs, the firm has brought a second operation online at the Temple-Inland Buna, Texas, location.

At both locations, Temple-Inland has invested in industry-leading Metriguard 7200 testing equipment, which utilizes the physical bending stress process to optimize product consistency. This advanced technology utilizes the latest computerized control and minimal manpower for normal operation.

“This unit is already proving to be reliable, fast and accurate—allowing us to offer high-quality MSR products with 2x4 through 2x10 dimensions and lengths ranging from 8 to 20 feet,” said Michael Dorman, sales manager. “We’re currently offering the most common tested value of 2400f-2.0E, with future plans to include several additional tested strength ratings.”
Mark Stone, plant process engineer, demonstrated the precise adjustments to the physical bending stress process of Temple-Inalnd’s Metriguard 7200 to Michael Dorman, sales manager.

Joining Temple-Inland’s initial MSR facility in DeQuincy, La., this second location offers further evidence of Temple-Inland’s commitment to the growing market for manufactured lumber products that require MSR lumber.

Mike Warren, product manager, solid wood, sees MSR lumber as an important growth market for Temple-Inland’s Southern Pine lumber products.

“We believe many other markets that utilize trusses and engineered components will soon recognize the need to accurately assess lumber strength for optimal consistency. Temple-Inland is well positioned to be a key supplier of Yellow Pine structural lumber to meet that challenge.” In addition, he noted, “Our extensive investment in these testing capabilities and the resources we’re applying to this product demonstrate the seriousness of Temple-Inland’s commitment to this key sector of the building industry.”

Temple-Inland MSR lumber is the result of more than 100 years of lumber production experience. It joins visually graded select structural lumber as another product specially targeted for the component manufacturing market. Both products deliver the outstanding strength and fastener-holding properties of all
Stone tours the MSR installation with Dorman.
Temple-Inland Southern Pine lumber.

Temple-Inland Inc. is a major manufacturer of corrugated packaging and forest products with a diversified financial services operation. The company’s 2 million acres of forest land are certified as managed in compliance with ISO 14001 and in accordance with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) program of the American Forest & Paper Assoc. to ensure forest management is conducted in a scientifically sound and environmentally sensitive manner. Temple-Inland’s common stock (TIN) is traded on the New York Stock Exchange and the Pacific Exchange.

For more information regarding Temple-Inland machine stress-rated (MSR) lumber, call 1-800-231-6060 or visit

Dorman and Stone watch the Metriguard 7200 in action.





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