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Romea Legnami S.p.A., located in Gambarare di Mira (Venice), markets its products in more than 60 countries worldwide.
Romea Legnami Provides Flexibility, Diversity To Customers
By Terry Miller

Venice, Italy—Romea Legnami S.p.A., with headquarters located in Gambarare di Mira (Venice), is a producer of European and Tropical hardwood lumber, as well as cut-to-size dimension stock.

A part of the Romea Venice Group, Romea Legnami is a family-owned business that has endured more than 300 years in the timber industry by building a reputation based on quality and integrity.

Romea primarily markets the following species: steamed and unsteamed Beechwood, White Ash, White Oak, Silver Lime, European Cherry, European Chestnut, Sycamore Maple, Wild Pearwood, Eyong, Agba, Anegre, Doussie, Bubinga, Ovangkol, Koto, Black and White Limba, Iroko, Bitterwood, Wenge and White Wenge, Tali, Padouk, Zebrawood, Ayous, Sipo, Sapele, Afrormosia, Etimoe, Purpleheart, Okoume, Badi, Gombe, Ebiara, Beli, Azobe, Niove, Niangon, Kotibe, Dibetou, Burma Teak, Emeri, Framire and Khaya Ivorensis.
The firm has a fleet of trucks for deliveries in the local market.

Romea offers both European and African hardwoods in grades that are comparable to the grading standards set by the National Hardwood Lumber Assoc. These include such grades as Prime, FAS, B&Better (# 1 Common). All boards are offered in thicknesses ranging from 26mm to 102mm.

Romea does not enforce volume limitations on tropical hardwoods, and customers appreciate the freedom to combine, for example, cubic meters of exotics, like Wenge, Padouk, Bubinga and Aniegre with their regular deliveries of Beech, Sapele and African Mahogany.

Romea Legnami’s operations include dry kiln facilities, grading chains and modern sawmills, as well as other state-of-the-art equipment. Most species processed at Romea’s sawmill are treated by a hot vacuum pressure impregnation system, using a high performance product against wood decay,  fungi, wood boring beetles and termites.

The progressive drying system allows lumber to be reduced to low moisture content in faster time, whil
Among the species that Romea Legnami offers is an assortment of African timber.
e computer-controlled measurement and tallying ensure accurate and precise product information.

Romea Legnami’s facilities operate 24 hours daily, and produce 130 million board feet (300.000 M3) of sawn material annually. The company oversees production of the lumber from the moment it arrives as round logs until it is processed into lumber or dimension.

Romea sales manager Marco Pasqualetto, whose father, Eraldo, is chairman of the company, said, “We purchase raw material from the National Forests Departments of the European Union to be certain that the timber comes from well-managed forests. A very large percentage of the material we purchase is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.”

Romea maintains a large inventory, averaging 50,000 packs of kiln-dried European and African hardwoods ready-to-ship. Availability of product is a service that attracts many customers to Romea Legnami, where detailed documentation for both the mixed material and the loaded cargo of different species enhance customer service.

In addition, the company carries a wide array of European timber at the facility.
Romea’s products are marketed in more than 60 countries worldwide, and routed directly from Italy through office wholesalers, or strategically positioned stocking distributors.

Romea Legnami is a member of the following professional associations and organizations: Vero Legno Associato; Association Technique Internationale des Bois Tropicaux; the International Wood Products Assoc.; the National Hardwood Lumber Assoc.; the National Wood Flooring Assoc.; the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturing Assoc.

In addition to lumber and dimension, the company also offers flooring and decking.



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