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Richardson Lumber Exclusive Distributor Of Tru-Dry
By Terry Miller

Dallas, Texas—Forest Grove Lumber Co. Inc. has taken pr ide in its products over the past half-century the company has been in operation, and part of that pride comes from the patented drying process—the trademarked Tru-Dry™. Recently, Richardson Lumber and Manufacturing Co., another trusted name in the lumber industry, became the first exclusive stocking distributor in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana of the radio frequency vacuum kiln-dried timbers manufactured by Forest Grove Lumber.

According to Eddie Smalling, a sales representative at Fore
Jamie Hursh, Richardson Lumber & Manufacturing Co., Dallas, Texas; Eddie Smalling, Forest Grove Lumber Co. Inc., McMinnville, Ore.; and David Bratcher and Bobby Crowley, Richardson Lumber & Manufacturing Inc., Dallas, Texas
st Grove Lumber, the Tru-Dry process enables Forest Grove to dry large-sized timbers—up to 40 feet in length—with exceptional quality and appearance, as well as sound structural integrity. The process of using radio frequency vacuum kilns dries beams evenly, to the core, to minimize drying defects, such as checking, cupping and twisting.

“We are drying 19 percent or less all the way to the center of the beam with a balanced moisture content,” Smalling explained. “We get less than 2 percent differential from the core moisture to the shell moisture, so the beam is evenly dried and very stable.”

The Tru-Dry products are marketed for use in various ways, including commercial and residential bui lding.

“Tru-Dry timbers are used in high-end architectural applications, such as timber frame trusses, custom homes and commercial applications where they are highly visible and extremely stable,” Smalling said.

Forest Grove Lumber Co. Inc. is headquartered in McMinnville, Ore., where the company has a 25-acre wholesale operation, with 12 million board feet of inventory, and moves approximately 8 million board feet per month. The company dries 350,000 to 400,000 board feet of large Coastal Douglas Fir timbers per month as well. The McMinnville facility has six kiln chambers producing the Tru-Dry timbers, in addition to one kiln at the location in Goose Creek, B.C.

Richardson Lumber and Manufacturing Co., located in Dallas, Texas, has been serving the construction industry for almost 60 years, and is one of the leaders in custom millwork and manufacturing of customized timbers. Richardson has the capabilities of delivering products throughout the United States.

“We serve wholesale distribution yards throughout Texas, Missouri, Kansas, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Florida and the Carolinas,” said Bobby Crowley, general manager at Richardson Lumber. “We have the facilities, expertise and experience to meet the needs of any stocking distributor in North America. In addition, we do a lot of reman work for wholesalers and wholesale distributors. We are very specialized, because we don’t want to be someone who just sells timbers. Richardson Lumber is able to offer wholesale products with unparalleled service and quality.”

In addition to the new Tru-Dry products, the company offers custom patterns, rafter tails, trailer flooring, corbels, surfacing, resaw boards and dimension, rip board and dimension, most SYP patterns, precision end trimming and saw texture. Richardson stocks No. 1 and Better green Douglas Fir in sizes up to 20x20 and lengths up to 40 feet; No. 1 and Better Appearance Western Red Cedar in 16x16 and lengths up to 32 feet; and Oak timbers up to 12x12 and in lengths up to 20 feet. The firm is also able to provide larger sizes if requested.

Richardson Lumber is a member of the Lumbermen’s Assoc. of Texas. The company provides products to a variety of custom design and fabrication companies. Richardson will send both raw materials and finished products for custom homes, commercial buildings, restaurants and many other applications.



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