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Exulon Forest Products is a family-owned operation in Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Que. Jean Marcel Roy serves as president; Nathalie Roy, vice president; Guy Roy, shipping manager; and Nicolas, director of operations.

Exporter Exulon Upgrades Machinery
By Doug Knowles

Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Que.—Just a few miles from Montreal, family-owned Exulon Forest Products is doing what it takes to fulfill their mission of
“satisfying each and every customer by offering them the best selection of hardwoods at competitive prices.”

To ensure that they are at the crossroad of the hardwood industry as a central link between their customers, suppliers and employees, all management, sales, storage and drying is done in-house. Additionally, the company has invested in state-of-the-art machinery, which includes the recent installations of a new automatic stacking machine and a new kiln-dried grading chain.

“We are currently expanding and progressing so that we are capable of offering our customers the very best products,” said Nathalie Roy, export sales manager. “We feel that by making these upgrades, we will have a competitive edge in the market.”

Nathalie and Nicolas are showing some of the company’s 4/4 Northern Red Oak.
Exulon has a kiln-drying capacity of 525,000 board feet. Prior to going into the kilns, lumber is stored under t-sheds. During the drying process, the operation maintains ongoing control of the drying conditions: air velocity, temperature and the humidity level. Each innovative drying system is divided by drying chambers and is completely computerized. After each board goes through the kiln, it is inspected piece by piece.

“This way, our clients are guaranteed a quality product,” Roy said.

Species offered by the company include Cherry, Basswood, Beech, White Ash, Red and White Oak, Yellow Birch, White Birch, Hard Maple (regular), Hard Maple (sap), Soft Maple and Walnut.

Along with their drying capabilities, Exulon recently began offering steamed Walnut in larger thicknesses, such as 6/4, 8/4,
Exulon recently installed a new automatic stacking machine.
10/4 and 12/4.

“We are very specialized in big thicknesses, with our main markets being Europe, the Far East, the Middle East and North America,” Roy stated.

Shipping is provided via truck, rail or boat. Bundles are prepared according to industry standards: two lengths per bundle, double end trimmed, painted ends and strapped with solid metal straps.

Founded in 1991, Exulon is operated by four members of the Roy family: Jean Marcel, president; Nathalie, vice president; Nicolas, director of operations; and Guy, shipping manager.

Certified by the National Hardwood Lumber Assoc., every inspector has many years of experience, taking special care in
Shown here is a side view of the automatic stacking machine, which makes for uniform stacking of bundles.
grading to give every client the quality level they expect.

Serving such customers as wholesalers/retailers, cabinetmakers, manufacturers of wood flooring, moulding, kitchen cabinet doors and various other types of furniture, the company’s attention to detail and willingness to invest in the future will keep Exulon at the forefront of the industry.

Nicolas and Nathalie are standing in front of some of Exulon’s upper grade 8/4 White Ash, a product manufactured with their new state-of-the-art machinery.   

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