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Founder and president of Riley Creek, Marc Brinkmeyer, and “Shippin’ Rich” Najeda are part of the team at the operation.

Riley Creek, Committed To Excellence

It’s quite a success story. When Marc Brinkmeyer formed Riley Creek in 1981, the company had one mill and produced about 40 million board feet a year.

Today, Riley Creek has become a model of industry leadership, with three North Idaho sawmills, private ownership of more than 52,000 acres of timber supply and lumber production of more than 600 million board feet a year.

Riley Creek produces heat-treated dimensional and stud lumber from Douglas Fir, Larch, Hem-Fir and Spruce-Pine-Fir, with products ranging from 2x4 to 2x12. The company has gained a reputation for a zealous approach to quality, from the lumber harvest to the finished product wrapped and ready for shipment all over the world.

“We have a right to be proud of where we are today, “ said Brinkmeyer, owner and president of Riley Creek.” How we achieve this standard, day in and day out, is summed up best in three words: timber, talent and technology. Our strength in each of these areas—especially the talent of our people—makes us the top-ranked company we have become.”
Norm Nelson, Teddi Armstrong, Paul Jorgensen, Terri Littlefield, Allan Hoblitt, Carrie King, Nathan Crozier and Toni Carter make up the sales force at Riley Creek.

At Riley Creek, the commitment to excellence begins in the forests. The lumber quality coming from pristine North Idaho stands means that Riley Creek’s lumber supply possesses tighter grain and smaller knots.

Another factor Riley Creek takes great pride in is the talent of their people—from foresters in the field to the graders who consistently receive the Western Wood Products Association’s High Q Award for excellence. Riley Creek has a reputation for hiring overachievers and taking good care of them. The result? A more experienced, more skilled worker creating a premium product.

“When it comes to talent, Riley Creek is second to none,” Brinkmeyer said. “Simply put, our people are overachievers, and people are what make all the difference in any business. Our greatest asset goes home every night and we are always blessed when they come back to work with us the next morning. We take great pride in the experience and training of our people, and we believe in inspiring our employees and including them in the important decisions we make.”

Technology provides the third component of Riley Creek. A significant commitment to cutting-edge technology allows the company to work efficiently and precisely. The company’s recovery margin has increased to where it lead
At Riley Creek, technology and talent go hand in hand.
s industry levels. One of the most cherished company values, often heard throughout the operation, is that everybody at Riley Creek works toward 100 percent of theoretical maximum in everything they do.

“We look forward to a very successful future as we build on these strengths and look forward to anticipated changes in the market, in technology, in environmental expectations, and most importantly, for the customers who have come to count on Riley Creek as the standard of excellence,” Brinkmeyer said.

Riley Creek management includes Marc Brinkmeyer, owner and president, who has a tradition of stewardship and land management dating back to his family farming roots in Germany in the 1400’s. He began his career in public accounting with Arthur Andersen and was CFO of Brand-S Corp., before founding Riley Creek nearly 25 years ago.

Julie Shiflett, vice president of finance, has 19 years experience in finance, accounting, m
The Riley Creek headquarters and flagship facility is located in Laclede, Idaho.
ergers, acquisitions and tax accounting. Her background also includes e-commerce, retail and financial.

Bob Boeh, vice president of resources, has 33 years of experience in resource management, procurement and land transactions. He previously managed the land portfolio for Plum Creek Lumber.

Paul Jorgensen, vice president of marketing and sales, brings 33 years of industry experience, with both sales and operations knowledge including his years at Georgia Pacific as regional sales manager.

The Riley Creek sales team has a reputation for superior and friendly service, building relationships as they build business.

“The market is always changing, and that’s why we’re always adapting to our customers’ needs,” Jorgensen said. “We take a lot of pride in filling orders the right way, every time.”
Riley Creek is surrounded by pristine views at the Northern Idaho headquarters.


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